Phonics lessons enable the children to develop early skills in reading and writing. At Clover Leys Spencer, the children are taught early sounds using Read Write Inc. This is delivered through whole class teaching. The lessons are contextualised through the use of a ‘real book’. Alongside learning the sounds, the children are taught to read and write common high frequency words. They are taught the skills of blending sounds for reading and segmenting sounds for spelling.

The teaching of phonics will be a high priority, with dedicated daily phonics sessions throughout Foundation and KS1 and 2, embedding the core skills of segmenting and blending. We will ensure consistency in our approach through adopting a well-researched and proven systematic synthetics phonics program. This will be underpinned by outstanding teacher subject knowledge, rigorous assessment, pace, high levels of pupil engagement and achievement, progression in the level of challenge and a core expectation that pupils master the skills necessary for competent reading, writing and spelling. The Read Write Inc scheme will enable daily, dedicated rehearsal of segmenting, blending and handwriting to ensure a multi-sensory approach, and will remain focused on our approach to extending and developing understanding of the meaning of challenging vocabulary from the earliest years. There will be no separation between phonics and spelling, with a consistent approach to the teaching of encoding words. All staff are intensively trained in the teaching of phonics.

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