The EVOLVE curriculum at Clover Leys Spencer will challenge and stimulate our children into asking searching questions, shape their learning and enable them to develop into independent critical thinkers and learners. Our curriculum is based around a new text every term. This allows for vocabulary to be developed and a love of books and literature to be developed at an early age. The delivery of the curriculum will have a strong emphasis on communication, active and outdoor learning and children understanding importance of values, such as friendship, tolerance, forgiveness and respect. Our Themed Approach curriculum helps pupils to draw on past experiences and draw links in their broader learning.

Building resilience is crucial in ensuring that our children are lifelong learners and have a positive mental health and well-being. Children will be helped to develop a growth-mindset, believing that with hard work and determination, anything can be achieved.

Varied enrichment opportunities will be provided to all children to consistently enhance their learning experiences and at least one visit or visitor will be used to enhance the curriculum each half term. Our curriculum offers opportunities to inspire creativity, curiosity and build aspirations. It is extremely important to us that the curriculum unlocks potential in all of children and allows them to flourish.

Developing the holistic child is of upmost importance and, with this in mind, we offer a broad and balanced curriculum which encompasses academic subjects, sport, music and spiritual, moral, social and cultural education.

Using our connections, we will aim to set up safe internet links to schools in faraway places so that children can learn first-hand about the lives of peers in different continents.

In Reception, children will follow the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum with a focus on learning through purposeful play, phonics, books and literacy.  The learning will be child-led and based upon questions arising from natural curiosity and interests. Good use will be made of outdoor learning with opportunities to develop reading, writing and numeracy skills woven through all activities.

The curriculum will be full of ‘WOW’ moments so that learning is real, exciting, fun and challenging.  The organisation of the curriculum will allow time for flexible and deep learning, for children to spend whole afternoons on one particular piece of learning and to carry out investigations, hear from experts, use outdoor learning and go on visits.

Home-School partnerships are crucial in allowing our children to flourish, therefore parents will be regularly informed of their child’s learning, will be invited to join their children in lessons and will be encouraged to attend workshops enabling them to help support learning at home. We will use Class Dojo to make meaningful communications home and to share personal achievements.

We aim to put community at the heart of our school and of our teaching and learning by encouraging involvement with the locality; this will add an extra dimension to our children’s learning.

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