Welcome to Clover Leys Spencer Academy

Clover Leys Spencer Academy is planned to open in September 2021 as part of Derbyshire County Council’s development plan for education in the Boulton Moor area of Derby. This area has experienced significant population growth in recent years. It will cater, chiefly, for the educational needs of the children from the new homes being built at Buttercup Leys and will strive to be central to community development.

The academy will be a part of the Spencer Academies Trust and will have close links to both Wyndham and Chetwynd Primary schools – both of which are outstanding academies within the Trust, leading  on educational development through research across the East Midlands.

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Clover Leys Spencer Academy is part of The Spencer Academies Trust, a multi-academy trust with schools across the East Midlands, and with a strategic focus on Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire. A high performing regional MAT with a national reputation for excellence, Spencer Academies Trust schools include primary, secondary and sixth form provision.